I’m planning on checking out a local microprocessor group here in Nashville. The current project involves designing a custom Arduino board. This is my first itteration:



I’m sure it will need a lot of tweaking, but we’ll see. Interested to see what everyone else comes up with.

Prusa Cleanup

Cleaned up the prusa today. I moved the electronics up to the top ad I had issues with snagging wires. The spiral wrap got switched for some kickass blue and laser cut a backplate that’l


l hold the rambo board and an 80mm fan.

Next on the list is an enclosure that will mount to the slots on the backplate, and mount the fan.

I was concerned that I would lose some z-axis but it sits about 20mm above the print head at top.


An Honest Liar

Found an interesting kickstarter project:


An Honest Liar is a documentery on James “The Amazing” Randi, “famed magician turned professional skeptic”. He was dedicated to encouraging critical thinking.

Check it out here:


Raspbian Installed


Well its up and running. I stopped by the store this evening, which despite their name does NOT sell walls, and picked up an SD card and some batteries for an old KB/mouse set, so I could set up my new Raspberry Pi. It was surprisingly easy Raspbian comes as an img file, so just use “dd” (in unix/linux) to image your sd card, load it into the device, connect KB/mouse and a display, and you’re good to go.

I wonder how well it would run xastir. This thing is cheap enough to be a killer high altitude balloon flight computer.


Raspberry-Pi Laser Cut Case

I ordered a Raspberry-Pi last week, and have been itching to play with it. I still haven’t had time to get it up and running, but I spent the evening laser cutting a case for it. I had some issues with the laser software acting flaky, but overall it came out fairly nicely.

I hope to get Raspbian installed on Saturday. What happens

to it from there is still up in the air.


Design files available here.